ApiDocs.co Redesign

Online Documentation for Revit, Navisworks, Grasshopper, and RhinoCommon

In March 2019 ApiDocs.co was rebuilt from scratch. First, backend and architecture were re-engineered to improve performance, SEO, and maintainability. Later in the year, the entire frontend was also redesigned to improve navigability and the overall User Experience.

The new ApiDocs ranks substantially better on Search engines, offers improved auto-completion,and handles over 250K unique documents with no hiccups on a U$15/month budget.

This version also introduced a new Code Search functionality, which allows user to search for relevant Github for usage samples. This new feature also required the creation of a new Apidocs Code Samples Repo which aggregates over 500,000 lines of relevant source code to search against. Code Search still requires substantial improvement but I think this was a good start.


New Design

New Page

Code Search

Social Media

New Architecture

New Frontend Wireframe

Latest Release With Code Search Functionality

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